No Excuses in the Present

We lost one of my favorite people in Chris’s family this month.  Mac Pritchett was not only Chris’s uncle but he was our next door neighbor.  When I worked in Martin, Uncle Mac frequently stopped by to visit and share a cup of coffee.  Uncle Mac loved to share his photographs with his family and friends.  I am blessed that his photographs are throughout my house and office.  Uncle Mac had been in a few different healthcare facilities over the last few months and he was blessed to have lots of people frequently visit him.  I’m embarrassed to say I never visited him because I was “too busy”.POSTPONE

I thought about visiting several different times but we had somewhere to go, I was too tired, or I needed to get home to fix supper for my family.  There would always be tomorrow.  Our church youth group went caroling earlier this month.  Amelia and I broke away from the group to pop in and see Uncle Mac.  His name was on the door but his room was empty.  It turns out, that very day, he moved to an assisted living facility.  Assuming he was probably tired, I told Amelia we would take him some cookies over Christmas break.  I mentally planned to take Amelia for a visit with Uncle Mac the day after school got out but unfortunately, that day was the day that Uncle Mac left this world.

I would give anything to take back those excuses and make time to drop in for a quick visit.  I guess I am guilty of thinking of my time as a big event that would not fit into my existing schedule.  As this year comes to a close, I know the new year offers a clean slate or a second chance.  I can’t change the past but I can work to be more in the “present”.  For me, this means acting on my

It’s funny how no matter what the age, the best gift we can give someone is our time.  Children want our time.   Our aging parents want our time.  Our friends and family want our time. We have 1,440 minutes in each day.  I want to give more of those minutes to people who I care for the most.  Giving our time doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, it can be small increments.  The key is to make time for those we love.

For 2019, I want to make time for people and eliminate the excuses.  I pray that you will join me in removing the excuses and make time for those you love.  I think we all regret things we did not do but seldom do we regret the things we do make time for.  No one will remember what you meant to do but they will remember what you actually did.   “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”- Proverbs 3:27





4 thoughts on “No Excuses in the Present

  1. You writing is so true. My last living Uncle was in a nursing home. He has not been doing good and other day he called and wanted to speak to me my husband and my mother his only silbing living. I told my mother after the call i would take her over the Sunday before Christmas to visit, its hard with Mom in wheelchair and she takes kidney dialysis 3 times a week but thats was the plan. My husband and i went out to eat in Union City that friday before Christmas and as we drove by the facility where my Uncle was at I mentioned if its wasnt so late we would have stopped. Well we woke up to see my cousin post on Facebook that my uncle had passed in his sleep at 4.30 in morning. Oh how i wished I had taken Mom earlier and wished we had stopped that night no matter the time. My Mom said she had a feeling when he wanted to talk to all 3 of us a few days before he was telling us good bye forever. So yes we dont need to put those feelings off just do it!.

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